Why User Experience (UX) matters to small business

The importance of UX and designing it correctly has been gaining more attention from the companies who aim to keep their users happy.

What do a small startup, local business and a large company such as Google have in common?

It’s simple. They depend on people enjoying their products and services in order to continue doing business successfully. They are all realising the importance of great UX (User Experience) design and are investing more and more into this.

Any physical or digital touchpoint will illicit a response in your customers based on the way it works but also how it looks and feels. Whether that experience is good or bad will have an effect on your sales, and this is exactly where good UX design proves itself to be absolutely crucial.

Why good UX rocks

The architect is comparing the color chart and using the tablet.

UX is about two things only – the User and their Experience. Give your users a positive experience and they will reward you with their trust and their business. Companies with effective UX have increased their revenue by at least 37%, this clearly shows the ROI of UX design.

While having a great website is important, today it is often not enough to keep you ahead of the curve. This is why investing in User Experience design is a winning strategy. A pleasing UX has been proven to earn the users’ interest, business, and most of all – their loyalty. 48% of users say that arriving on a site that isn’t working well on mobile indicates that the business simply does not care, and 52% said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company in the future.

The principle extends beyond just mobile devices; 40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load, while 79% will search for another site to complete their task. These are just some examples of how to improve the UX of your site, there are plenty more.

With a design focused on user experience, your business is forced to create for your customer. It shows consideration and empathy, a relationship is formed and it grows. They will love what you do and become your biggest fans.

At the end of the day, a good experience makes happy customers who become advocates for your business. At dot.digital, this is exactly what we do; we help you put your customer in focus, and design digital solutions for them.

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